eKNF – innovative and multi-purpose, internet mid-office system, capable of processing all types of travel services, equipped with tools dedicated for business travel customers, and individual travellers, and understanding the specificity of both.

Project co-financed by The European Union from the European Fund of Regional Growth

Automatic data interfaces to numerous booking systems:

  • Equipped with interfaces to all existing GDS systems and capable of processing bookings from all the major low cost airlines
  • Hotel module integrated with GoGlobal, Horse21Pro, Ratehawk, Tripnet, Booking.com
  • Rail module with automatic interface to PKP IC and capable of importing railway tickets from several other carriers
  • Tour module with automatic interface to MerlinX and Wezyr
Automatic invoicing, reporting, and data exports:

  • Automatic invoicing of Air tickets, cars, transfers, and insurances
  • E-mail delivery of invoices and payment reminders
  • Electronic office: storage of cost invoices related to individual transactions. Electronic acceptance process for cost invoices.
  • Automated data export to all leading payment and information systems: Lufthansa Air Plus, iBANK, AMEX BTA, DINERS, GEMS, PRISM, GRO, MasterCard, VISA
  • Automated export to leading accounting systems: Symfonia, Perseus, Microsoft Navision, Fakir, Optima

Travel industry is gradually recovering from the crisis of Covid-19 pandemy. The number of transactions processed in eKNF durigng the first five months of 2022 is roughly three times higher than in the corresponding period of the previous year.