HTL – kody pokoi hotelowych

*** Standard Rate
A1D Deluxe Room 1 Double bed
A1K Deluxe Room 1 King bed
A1Q Deluxe Room 1 Queen bed
A1S Deluxe Room
A1T Deluxe Room 1 Twin bed
A2D Deluxe Room 2 Double beds
A2K Deluxe Room 2 King beds
A2Q Deluxe Room 2 Queen beds
A2T Deluxe Room 2 Twin beds
A3S Deluxe Room Triple Occupancy
ADV Room type confirmed at check in
AJS Deluxe Junior Suite
AKT Deluxe Kitchenette
AS1 Deluxe 1 Bedroom Suite
AS2 Deluxe 2 Bedroom Suite
AST Deluxe Condo
B1D Superior Room 1 Double bed
B1K Superior Room 1 King bed
B1Q Superior Room 1 Queen bed
B1T Superior Room 1 Twin bed
B2D Superior Room 2 Double beds
B2K Superior Room 2 King beds
B2Q Superior Room 2 Queen beds
B2T Superior Room 2 Twin beds
B3S Superior Room Triple Occupancy
BJS Superior Junior Suite
BKT Moderate Kitchenette
BS1 Superior 1 Bedroom Suite
BS2 Superior 2 Bedroom Suite
BST Superior Condo
C1A Deluxe 1 Bedroom Condo
C1B Superior 1 Bedroom Condo
C1C Standard 1 Bedroom Condo
C1D Moderate Room 1 Double bed
C1K Moderate Room 1 King bed
C1Q Moderate Room 1 Queen bed
C1T Moderate Room 1 Twin bed
C2A Deluxe 2 Bedroom Condo
C2C Standard 2 Bedroom Condo
C2D Moderate Room 2 Double beds
C2K Moderate Room 2 King beds
C2Q Moderate Room 2 Queen beds
C2T Moderate Room 2 Twin beds
CJS Moderate Junior Suite
CKT Standard Kitchenette
COR Corporate
CR1 Studio Room
CS1 Standard Suite
CST Standard Condo
D1D Standard Room 1 Double bed
D1K Standard Room 1 King bed
D1Q Standard Room 1 Queen bed
D1T Standard Room 1 Twin bed
D2D Standard Room 2 Double beds
D2K Standard Room 2 King beds
D2Q Standard Room 2 Queen beds
D2T Standard Room 2 Twin beds
DJS Standard Junior Suite
DLS Deluxe Suite
DLX Deluxe Room
E1K Executive Room 1 King bed
EFF Efficiency
EXC Executive Room
GOV Government
I1K Non-Smoking Executive 1 King bed
J1Q Non-Smoking Executive 1 Queen bed
J2D Non-Smoking Executive 2 Double beds
MIL Military
MIN Minimum Guest Room
MOD Moderate Room
N1D Non Smoking Room 1 Double bed
N1K Non Smoking Room 1 King bed
N1Q Non Smoking Room 1 Queen bed
N1T Non Smoking Room 1 Twin bed
N2D Non Smoking Room 2 Double beds
N2K Non Smoking Room 2 King beds
N2Q Non Smoking Room 2 Queen beds
N2T Non Smoking Room 2 Twin beds
P1K Executive Room 1 King bed
ROH Room type confirmed at check in
S1A Deluxe 1 Bedroom Suite
S1B Superior 1 Bedroom Suite
S1C Moderate 1 Bedroom Suite
S1D Standard 1 Bedroom Suite
S1K Suite 1 King bed
S1Q Suite with Queen bed
S1T Suite with Twin bed
S2A Deluxe 2 Bedroom Suite
S2B Superior 2 Bedroom Suite
S2C Moderate 2 Bedroom Suite
S2D Standard 2 Bedroom Suite
S2T Suite with 2 Twin beds
S3T Suite with 3 Twin beds
S4T Suite with 4 Twin beds
SA1 One Bedroom Suite
SA2 Two Bedroom Suite
SEN Senior
SP1 One Bedroom Suite
SU1 One Bedroom Suite
SU2 Two Bedroom Suite
SUI Suite
SUP Superior Room
VEV Room with a View
VEW Room with a View